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Being the oldest riflescope manufacturer worldwide. Kahles produces high graded optical instruments in the city of Vienna. For more than 100 years, Kahles developed approved milestones as the first ballistic compensation in 1904, the first waterproof riflescope in 1960 or the first riflescope in serial production implementing multi-coating on all air-to-glass surfaces in 1973. Milestones which are setting new standards in precision, optical performance and durability. To explore the boundaries of physics, to define the reference-class that was the vision, A vision which outlasted several generations and which still exists today in the products of the Kahles GabH. Uncompromising in a fascinating manner.


Kahles K16i, Small, sleek and precise...


Kahles K 312 II, The benchmark of a generation, Kahles K 624i, The specialist for the job, Kahles K 418 TT and K 624 TT, Get over the limits...Topped by state-of-art mechanics, unique in design and unmatched in accuracy at any distance. Explore your new limits. Welcome to the world of exclusive Austrian optics.


Kahles KXi, The only one inch, illuminated scope in the premium class...Excellent image qualities and low light capabilities in perfect harmony, with precise mechanics, low weight and compact dimensions. Unsurpassed wide field-of-view with excellent edge-to-edge clarity and resolution, rich in contrast and brilliant in the image. Safe eye relief. Legendary KAHLES qualities which are natural even in the slim Helia KX series with the one-inch tube. The KX rifle scope is easily mounted with existing one-inch mounts as a retrofit scope. The weight is low, the dimensions compact, ideal for stalking game in difficult terrain. For instance, the high mountains, where the non-magnifying sight in the second image focal plane performs at its best: Minimal target coverage with maximum magnification. The highest standards in twilight performance as well: Optimized KAHLES AMV coatings bring the Helia KX rifle scope closer to the limits of physics than any other riflescope available. Visibly closer, especially in the last shooting light. Meticulously created, constructed and built in the Vienna KAHLES plant. In accordance with the highest standards and the competence of more than 100 years of experience. Compact, lightweight and rugged, the Helia KX rifle scope is built for generations. Reliably waterproof, fogproof and shockproof, like all KAHLES riflescopes.


Kahles Helia C, Ready when you need it...Also the name standing synonym for spectacular milestones in riflescope technology: The first waterproof riflescope, a KAHLES Helia. Also, in 1972, the first fully multi-coated riflescope, a Helia with more than 90% light transmission. At that time a world record. Today KAHLES, world's oldest riflescope manufacturer continues its legacy: With unmatched wide field-of-view and outstanding edge clarity. With complex objective construction with up to four lenses and wide ocular lenses all creating image qualities that are simply setting new standards. Also fascinating, the uncompromised complexity and precision of the entire mechanical construction. Down to the smallest detail, the Helia C rifle scopes are built from the finest materials. Designed to last for generations.


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Kahles K 6-24x56 illuminated Mil Dot 6 Reticle w/ CCW Tactical Turrets 10512

K 624i 6-24x56mm (CW or CCW)

Kahles Mil 4 Reticle

Kahles Mil 6 Reticle

Mil 6


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KAHLES Rifle Scope Specifications

Order No.


Objective Diameter Reticle Illuminated Focal Plane Field of View Eye Relief Tube Weight Length Price

K16i 1-6x24mm (CCW)

KAH10515 1-6X 24mm SM1 Yes 2nd 138.8-26.2 ft 3.74 in. 30mm 16.9 oz. 10.5 in. $2,722
KAH10516 SM2
KAH10517 SI1
KAH10518 G4b

K 312 II 3-12x50mm (CW or CCW)



3-12X 50mm Mil2 No Front 39.4-11.5 ft. 3.54 in. 34mm 28 oz. 15.2 in. $2,443



C 3-12x56mm (CCW)


KAH10123 3-12X 56mm Plex No Front 13.66-3.93 ft. 3.54 in. 30mm 19.04 oz. 14.01 in. $1,443
KAH10512 Mil2 $1,499

KXi 3.5-10x50mm (CCW)

KAH10504 3.5-10X 50mm 4Dot Yes 2nd 36.7-13.1 ft 3.54 in. 1 inch 16.5 oz. 12.6 in. $1,443
KAH10507 4D-Dot $1,488

K 418 TT 4.5-18x50mm (CCW)

KAH10469 4.5-18X 50mm Plex No 2nd 27-7.2 ft 3.54 in. 30mm 21 oz. 13.9 in. $2,110

K 624i 6-24x56mm (CW or CCW)



6-24X 56mm Mil6 Yes Front 22.3-5.74 ft 3.54 in. 34mm 33.5 oz. 15.9 in. $3,054










K 624 TT 6-24x56mm (CCW)

KAH10502 6-24X 56mm Mil1 No 2nd 22.3-5.7 ft 3.54 in. 30mm 24.7 oz. 15.9 in. $2,154
KAH10503 6F $2,110

KAHLES Rifle Scope Reticles

Kahles SM1 Reticle Kahles SM2 Reticle Kahles SI1 Reticle Kahles G4B Reticle Kahles Mil 2 Reticle Kahles 4 Dot Reticle
Kahles 4D Dot Reticle Kahles Plex Reticle

Kahles Mil 6 Reticle

Mil 6

Kahles Mil 4 Reticle Kahles Mil 1 Reticle Kahles 6F Reticle

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