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For today's budget conscious outdoor enthusiast ATN presents the DNVM (Digital Night Vision Monoculars). Recent advancements in low light digital sensor technology has allowed ATN to create a new line of night vision monoculars that provide the user with superior clarity and a high light gain at a minimal cost.
An advanced manual brightness/gain adjustment allows the user to adjust the brightness of the unit to its surrounding area maximizing image clarity and light gain. No scene is too dark with the DNVMs, turn on the powerful built in infrared illuminator and you can see even in total darkness.
A wide array of magnification options combined with a compact, ergonomic design make the DNVM line from ATN an excellent unit for your night vision needs. The ATN DNVMs are perfect for camping, boating or home security.

  • Advanced low-light sensor technology

  • Ultra Bright Technology

  • Full Color Display

  • High quality optics for maximum light transmission

  • Powerful infrared illuminator to allow vision in total darkness

  • Ergonomically designed body fits in the palm of your hand

  • Lithium battery for extended use (included)

  • Diopter Adjustment for clarity

  • Adjustable Gain/Brightness control

  • Use Day or Night

  • Limited two year warranty

ATN-DGMNNVM2C ATN DNVM-2 Digital, 2x Color $199


ATN-DGMNNVM4C ATN DNVM-4 Digital, 4x Color $249


ATN-DGMNNVM6C ATN DNVM-6 Digital, 6x Color $299

Night Trek-3

For today's budget conscious outdoor enthusiast, ATN is proud to introduce their Night Trek 3x. The ATN Night Trek 3X Scope is a compact First Generation Night Vision Monocular that provides the user with superior clarity and a high-light gain at a minimal cost. The ATN Night Trek 3x Night Vision Device is perfect for Camping, Boating, or Home Security.

  • Amazing 3x magnification

  • High resolution Gen 1+ Image intensifier tube

  • Built in infrared illuminator

  • Lightweight

  • Water and fog resistant

  • Limited Two-Year Warranty

ATN-NVMNNTR310 ATN Night Trek 3x $199

Night Trek-5

ATN-NVMNNTR510 ATN Night Trek 5x $249

Night Spirit XT-(2, CGT, WPT)

The ATN Night Spirit is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, boaters, law enforcement and private or corporate security personal. Multi-coated 3x glass lenses and a wide array of image tube configurations give the Night Spirit an unparallel performance while keeping you on budget. ATN total darkness technology with built in infrared illuminator ensures that no condition is too dark for effective use.
The Night Spirit XT is an amazing combination of performance and price.

  • High Quality light intensifier tube

  • Wide variety of image tube configurations to choose from

  • 3x multi-coated lenses

  • Super fast lens system provides the user with a clear and sharp image

  • Built-in Infra-Red illuminator lets you see even in total darkness

  • Rugged and ergonomic design

  • Camera/camcorder-adaptable

  • Uses (1) 3V Lithium battery

  • Weather resistant

  • Limited Two-Year Warranty

ATN-NVMNNSPX20 ATN Night Spirit XT-2 $999
ATN-NVMNNSPXC0 ATN Night Spirit XT-CGT $1295
ATN-NVMNNSPXW0 ATN Night Spirit XT-WPT $1499

Night Spirit XT-(HPT, 3, 3A, 3P, 4)

ATN-NVMNNSPXH0 ATN Night Spirit XT-HPT $1499
ATN-NVMNNSPX30 ATN Night Spirit XT-3 $2499
ATN-NVMNNSPX3A ATN Night Spirit XT-3A $2699
ATN-NVMNNSPX3P ATN Night Spirit XT-3P $3099
ATN-NVMNNSPX4 ATN Night Spirit XT-4 $3999



The ATN NVM14 is a hand-held, head-mounted, helmet-mounted, or weapon-mounted Night Vision System that enables walking, driving, weapon firing, short-range surveillance, map reading, vehicle maintenance, and administering first aid in both moonlight and starlight. Each unit allows for vertical adjustment (by using head straps), fore-and-aft adjustment, objective lens focus, and eyepiece focus. The ATN NVM14 device is also equipped with an Infrared light-emitting source. The ATN NVM14 Night Vision Monocular utilizes the principle of intensification of the residual light which is reflected from the surrounding objects. The optical system of the Monocular consists of an objective lens, an Image Intensifier Tube and an eyepiece. Even under unsteady brightness conditions, Automatic Brightness Adjustment System always keeps the IIT brightness level constant. The Automatic Protective System controls the existing illumination level through the photo receiver. If the illumination level surpasses 100-300 lx for the following 10 seconds, the Monocular will shut off automatically.
The eyepiece incorporates several LED indicators:
- Red - serves as an IR Illuminator Indicator and an Battery Low Indicator at a time.
- Green - serves as an Excessive Brightness Indicator. If the bright light remains unchanged for over 10 seconds after the indicator turns on, the Monocular will automatically shut-off.

  • Compact, rugged design

  • Waterproof

  • Weapon mountable

  • Head or helmet mountable for hands-free usage

  • Auto brightness control

  • Bright light cut-off

  • Ergonomic, simple, easy to operate controls

  • Utilizes either CR123A lithium battery or AA Alkaline. Adapter included

  • Compatible with most IR lasers

  • Adaptable for use with cameras

  • Total Darkness Technology with built-in Infrared illuminator and flood lens

  • Optional patented Life Tracker System available for measuring hours of operation

  • Limited two-year warranty

ATN-NVMPAN1420 ATN NVM14-2 $1995
ATN-NVMPAN1430 ATN NVM14-3 $2899
ATN-NVMPAN1440 ATN NVM14-4 $4895

ATN 6015

The ATN 6015 is a rugged, lightweight and versatile Night Vision Monocular designed for the most demanding of nighttime applications. The ATN 6015 can be handheld, head/helmet-mounted for hands free usage or adapted to cameras/camcorders. Based on the PVS-14 used by the U.S. military the ATN 6015 is of the highest quality in optics, design and functionality. The ATN 6015 is a versatile high-quality, Multi-Purpose Monocular and is an outstanding choice for the professional Night Vision applications.

  • US Military design

  • Multi-Purpose unit

  • Handheld monocular

  • Hands-free goggle (optional helmet mount)

  • Mil-Spec headgear

  • Limited Two-Year Warranty

ATN-NVMP601520 ATN 6015-2 $2199
ATN-NVMP6015C0 ATN 6015-CGT $2399
ATN-NVMP6015H0 ATN 6015-HPT $2799
ATN-NVMP6015WP ATN 6015-WPT $3499
ATN-NVMP601530 ATN 6015-3 $3295
ATN-NVMP60153A ATN 6015-3A $3495
ATN-NVMP60153P ATN 6015-3P $3895
ATN-NVMP60154 ATN 6015-4 $5495


ATN's PVS14 (1AA) are rugged, lightweight and versatile Night Vision Monocular designed for the most demanding of nighttime applications. The ATN PVS14 (1AA) can be handheld, head/helmet-mounted for hands free usage or adapted to cameras/camcorders. Originally designed for the U.S. military, these units are of teh highest quality in optics, design and functionality. The ATN PVS14 (1AA) is an outstanding choice for professional night vision applications.

  • US Military design

  • Multi Purpose Unit

  • Hand held monocular

  • Hands-free goggle (optional helmet mount)

  • Mil Spec Headgear

  • Limited Two-Year Warranty

ATN-NVMPPVS1430 ATN PVS14-3 $3199

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