schmidt and bender rifle scopes

Schmidt and Bender

Optics history was made in 1957 in a small town in Germany when Schmidt and Bender scopes were born. We’ve devoted all these years and the expertise that came with them to developing the best riflescope that money can buy. You can count on our riflescopes to help you bring a subject into focus quickly and precisely. Schmidt & Bender riflescopes were originally designed for hunting from behind a blind or stand by moonlight in Germany, where night hunting is legal. This explains why the acuity of a Schmidt & Bender is so exceptional; light transmission for these rifle scopes remains unrivaled. You can count on a Schmidt & Bender rifle scope to get you the results you want, and you can count on Bear Basin Outfitters to provide the best selection and best prices on all Schmidt & Bender scopes.

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