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New for Fall 2012 and Spring 2013

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Swarovski ATS & STS HD Spotting Scopes

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The new Swarovski ATX & STX family of spotting scopes allow you to adapt to each situation without having to compromise on performance or features. Modular flexibility, ergonomic design and user friendliness combine to bring about a real revolution in the history of the spotting scope and set new standards for the next generation. With this new design, the zoom and focusing rings are right next to each other, thereby ensuring that you can use the spotting scope intuitively and quickly, with just one hand. This reinvented design offers two eyepiece modules (angled or straight) and three objective modules with diameters of 65, 85 and 95mm, all with SWAROVISION technology, to combine and provide a total of six different spotting scopes to suit every viewing opportunity.


The ATX & STX spotting scopes have an optical quality that has never before been achieved by a spotting scope. With the SWAROVISION technology, they feature field flattener lenses to produce an image with razor-sharp clarity right up to the edge, without the need for constant refocusing. The HD lenses provide rich contrast, and exceptional color fidelity. They offer a wide field of view, extended eye relief and are complete with Swarovski's optimized specialty coatings, SWARODUR, SWAROTOP and SWAROCLEAN.



  • Field Flattener Lens: Contrast right up to the image periphery, spot greater detail at the outer edge of the image.

  • HD Lenses: Maximum Contrast, provides more life-like high contrast images.

  • Extra Eye Relief: Large field of view for eyeglass wearer. Optional eyecup available specifically designed for eyeglass/sunglass wearers.

  • Optimized coatings: SWARODUR, SWAROTOP and SWAROCLEAN.

Optical Perfection: Combines a large field of view with a large zooming range (25-60X and 30-70X).

Ingenious System: The objective section separates from the eyepiece section, is easy to transport and enables easy storage when separated.


  • One handed: Focusing and zooming ring are located next to each other which enables quick locating and zooming without losing sight of object.

  • Large focusing wheel allows for easy and rapid focusing.

Solutions for Photography and Digiscoping

  • DCB II: For use with point and shoot and pancake lenses cameras.

  • Compatible with the eyepieces of the ATS/STS & ATM/STM (adapter sleeve and a locking ring needed).

  • TLS APO: Developed as a complete system with the ATX/STX.

  • Connect D-SLR or mirrorless cameras.

  • Compatible with ATS/STS and ATM/STM (adapter sleeve and locking ring needed).

TLS APO Adapter DCB II Adapter


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Swarovski ATX  & STX HD Spotting Scopes & Eyepieces
Model # Magnification Objective Diameter Eye Relief Field of View @ 1000 ft. Close Focus Objective Focal Length with TLS APO Submersion Tightness Length Weight Price
 Swarovski ATX & STX HD Spotting Scopes

Swarovski 65mm Modular Objective

SWA49965 25-60X 65mm 20mm 124-68 ft. 6.9 ft. 750-1800mm 13 ft. water depth (filled with nitrogen)

Angled: 13.3 in.

Straight: 14.4 in.

Angled: 55.9 oz.

Straight: 57.8 oz.


Swarovski 85mm Modular Objective


25-60X 85mm 20mm 124-68 ft. 11.8 ft. 750-1800mm 13 ft. water depth (filled with nitrogen)

Angled: 14.6 in.

Straight: 15.7 in.

Angled: 67.4 oz.

Straight: 69.3 oz.


Swarovski 95mm Modular Objective

SWA49995 30-70X 95mm 20mm 104-57 ft. 15.7 ft. 900-2100mm 13 ft. water depth (filled with nitrogen)

Angled: 16.8 in.

Straight: 17.9 in.

Angled: 75.8 oz.

Straight: 77.8 oz.

Swarovski ATX & STX HD Eyepieces
Model # Magnification Price

Swarovski ATX Modular Angled Eyepiece


25-60X (for 65mm & 85mm Modular)

30-70X (for 95mm Modular)


Swarovski STX Modular Straight Eyepiece


25-60X (for 65mm & 85mm Modular)

30-70X (for 95mm Modular)


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